Whetstone VS Belt Sharpening - Melbourne, VIC

Updated: Jul 30, 2020

With a quick google search you'll soon find that there are many different ways to sharpen your knives and that each method has its own tribe of loyal clientele.

Two of the most popular methods used to sharpen knives are using a Whetstone or an Electric Belt Grinder. This quick read will explain the pro's and con's of both of these methods to help you understand the sharpening processes.

Whetstones: this type of sharpening uses multiple Whetstone blocks which are laid out flat on your bench. By gliding the knife along the Whetstone repeatedly, the blade will become smooth and sharp.


  • Whetstone sharpening is a less expensive option with a quality set of stones setting you back less than $100.

  • Many block sets can be purchased with angle guides allowing you to nail that perfect angle every time.


  • Whetstone sharpening can be very time consuming. Even an experienced sharpener will take upwards of 20mins to get a single knife up to scratch.

  • This method will take a lot of practice to perfect. Finding the required angle and gliding your knives over the block correctly are art forms in themselves.