Should I buy a cheap or expensive set of knives? - Melbourne, VIC

Updated: Jul 29, 2020

***For the purposes of this article, which is aimed at the domestic market, (not professional chefs) what is considered an expensive set begins at around the $200 price point.***

Buying a set of knives can be a daunting task. To settle for the nice, economical set or lash out a few hundred dollars for high-quality, well known brand. Whichever way you lean, the decision deserves a fair bit of consideration.

Many of us use our knives on a daily basis and don't wish to be suffering buyers-regret each time we step into the kitchen. So what are some common differences between an entry level and a high end set of knives?

The first and most important difference will likely be the quality of the steel. Due to corners being cut during the manufacturing processes in an effort to reduce costs, cheaper knives will be more susceptible to chips along the blade as well as becoming blunt easier. Nevertheless, no matter the price tag, blunt knives can be rectified. If you need some help bringing your knives back to life, go check out our Knife Sharpening Service.

Chipping is usually caused unintentionally, from accidents like dropping the knife or using it against a less than ideal surface. Blunting occurs from everyday use and a high quality blades edge can last several times longer than its cheaper competitors.

Another key difference, which may sound superficial to some is the feel of the knife. You won't truely understand until handling both in immediate succession, but the feel of the knife makes all the difference. A well balanced knife with an ergonomic handle makes preparing every meal an event you look forward to whilst also having the added bonus of reducing the potential for user injuries.

You, as the buyer, should also do some self reflection to ensure you make the right purchase. When looking at an investment knife set you should consider the following: