Knife Sharpening Service - Melbourne.

There is nothing worse than trying to prepare your dinner with a blunt knife. It takes more time, more struggle and increases your risk of injury.

Don't waste your time struggling, give Hughes Bros. Sharpening a call and we will come to you to ensure your knives are cutting as if they were brand new. 

Sharpening services we provide include:

  • Kitchen Knives

  • Serrated Knives

  • Hunting Knives

  • and more..

Our Process

  1.  Every good sharpener begins their process with a thorough inspection of the blade. This includes looking for broken tips, chipped belly's, and rust on its surface. The knife is then cleaned and rust is removed from its surface (when possible).

  2. All knife sharpening is completed on the Scheppach TIGER 2500 Wetstone Grinder. This set up includes a knife grip and angle guide to ensure that all blades are ground evenly and at the correct angle. The majority of kitchen knifes are sharpened at an angle between 15-20 degrees.

  3. At the correct angle, the knife is placed against the turning wheel, and glided from the heel to the tip. This is repeated for an appropriate amount of strokes, evenly on both sides. This is important to keep the bevel of the blade even and centred. 

  4. Once a burr (a small fold of metal) is raised evenly along the blade of the original edge, the same amount of strokes is repeated on the other side.

  5. The burr is then removed on the leather honing wheel, gliding the blade across alternating sides.

  6. The knife is then given a sharpness check by gliding it through a thin piece of paper. This allows the sharpener to spot inconsistent areas and take measures to improve it.

  7. After they are to our satisfaction, they are re-wrapped, bagged and returned for you to enjoy!

If you have any queries, don't hesitate to reach out to us on
0457 378 819.

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